Revolutionizing Motorcycle Safety: Realsafe Technologies partners with ACR Bivy to use satellites to alert the Emergency Services.

Gateshead, United Kingdom, & Fort Lauderdale, FL on March 20, 2023

Look to the sky when all else fails…

ACR Bivy and Realsafe Technologies Collaborate to bring life-saving tech anywhere in the world. Kris Nieuwenhuis of Ocean Signal and ACR Electronics joins forces with Realsafe Technologies to announce the integration of their award-winning REALRIDER® app with the ACR Bivy Stick.

“No matter where your adventure takes you, this technology automatically alerts emergency services if a rider crashes and is unable to call for help. Say goodbye to mobile dead zones and ride with confidence!” – Kris Nieuwenhuis

Smartphone apps developed by Realsafe Technologies can save lives by automatically alerting the emergency services following a crash, but only if there’s cellular service. Now with the ACR Bivy Stick, it works anywhere in the world, especially for those taking their motorcycle adventures into the wilderness. 

Realsafe Technologies’ award-winning REALRIDER® app for motorcyclists features crash detection technology that automatically sends time-critical location and potentially life-saving medical data to the emergency services if a rider crashes and is unable to call for help. The company also manages Triumph SOS on behalf of Triumph Motorcycles and an in-car after market solution on behalf of an automotive partner. 

Realsafe’s technology is government certified to automatically send a rider’s emergency data to the nearest ambulance control room via the 999 service. It also provides emergency services coverage across Europe, Republic of Ireland, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan but it can only do so if there’s a network connection. 

By integrating software from the Bivy Stick and using Bluetooth connectivity, REALRIDER® and Triumph SOS will automatically deliver a rider’s emergency data to the emergency services via satellite, if a cellular network isn’t available. 

“We’re beyond excited to announce this ground-breaking collaboration between Realsafe Technologies and ACR Bivy Stick. With the innovative crash detection technology of Realsafe and the reliable satellite communication capabilities of the ACR Bivy Stick, we’re paving the way for a new level of safety and peace of mind for motorcyclists and adventurers worldwide. This is truly a game-changer for anyone who loves to explore off the beaten path.” – Vance Cook, VP of 2-way Satellite Communication.

The Bivy Stick turns a smartphone into a satellite communications device

Bringing additional safety and peace of mind anywhere in the world, the Bivy Stick features text messaging, manual SOS alerting, location sharing and detailed weather reports – all directly from space via the Iridium Satellite Network.

Customers will also be able to request emergency assistance via the Bivy Stick by clicking an SOS button within the apps. This offers another valuable service, particularly if a motorcyclist has crashed, needs emergency assistance, but doesn’t have cellular coverage.

By combining technology capabilities, the collaboration between Realsafe Technologies and ACR Bivy offers motorcyclists total freedom to travel anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge that should they need it, help would be on its way.

Bivy works with Global Rescue to provide emergency response monitoring 365/24/7 around the world.

It opens huge opportunities for Realsafe Technologies’ software licencing capabilities. More can be found at www.realsafetechnologies.com 

Reflecting on Sunday’s accident.

Andrew Richardson, Realsafe Technologies co-founder recently crashed his motorcycle whilst enjoying a weekend ride out. Andrew said “They say there’s nothing like speaking from experience, but when you’re the one laid in a ditch, it’s not a place you ever want to be.

I’ve ridden that road a thousand times. I ride a defensive line, use cross-views, forward plan – all the things you’re taught in advanced riding. But it’s so easy to become complacent, especially on the last part of a ride out when you’re tired and maybe concentration levels aren’t as high.

Laid there under the bike, I could hear the REALRIDER® app’s crash alert notification coming from through my headset & a vibration from the iPhone that was in my jacket pocket.

Of course I know our technology works, why wouldn’t it? But when you’re in the moment, there’s nothing quite like the reassurance. It performed exactly as it’s been designed to – giving me the opportunity to cancel emergency assistance as I didn’t need it.

But what if I’d been alone, unconscious and in an area with no cellular coverage?

Crashing in an area with no signal is always at the back on my mind, especially as I regularly ride alone. It’s the one thing I’ve been hoping to find a solution for since creating the technology over a decade ago.

We know there are parts of the world that have little to no cellular network. The collaboration with Bivy changes all of that and I’m very excited to be working with them to improve rider safety. For me personally, it gives my family greater peace of mind when I’m riding alone.”


Notes to Editors

About Realsafe Technologies

Realsafe Technologies is a public safety technology company that develops, maintains, and licences its award-winning smartphone-based crash detection and emergency alerting software.

It’s the only company to achieve British APCO certification for apps that protect millions of miles of journeys by customers travelling within the automotive and motorcycle markets. This certification enables the delivery of emergency data directly into the 999 service. Emergency Service connectivity also covers Europe, ROI, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

The company works with major brands around the world helping to protect those who crash and may require urgent emergency assistance.

REALRIDER® requires a subscription for its crash detection service costing £3.99 per month or £36 per year via the website realrider.com

Triumph SOS also requires a subscription for its crash detection service costing £3.99 per month. Triumph motorcycle owners they can enjoy 3-months free access by entering their VIN in the app.

Media Contact
Andrew Richardson
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07947 142438

About ACR Electronics

As a world leader in safety and survival technologies for over 65 years, ACR Electronics, Inc., designs and manufactures cutting-edge rescue beacons and survival equipment for the marine, outdoor, aviation and military markets. ACR Electronics marine and outdoor products are engineered to work in all conditions when needed the most.   

Media contacts
Mikele D’Arcangelo, ACR Electronics
Email: [email protected]
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