Track, view, communicate with and manage Bivy Sticks.

ACR SkyRouter is Bivy’s cloud-based enterprise management solution that can track, monitor, and provide communications for all your assets, anywhere in the world, from one interface.

SkyRouter provides a secure web interface that displays positions on various overlay maps. It also handles two-way message traffic, events, alerts, and telematic data. SkyRouter lets you monitor, control, interact, and communicate with your assets in real-time, from anywhere.




Track, manage, and communicate with your aircraft, ships, vehicles, and personnel.

Through various satellite and GSM providers, Blue Sky Network tracking solutions bring mission-critical functions to your fingertips. Our portfolio of handheld, portable, and installed devices can meet the needs of any operation. Each device is compatible with SkyRouter, letting you choose the right solution for your needs.

  • Maps

    Innovative overlays, customizable geofences, tracking, single and multi/screen views, and real-time updates.

  • Reporting

    Automatic event triggers, customizable reporting intervals, extensive device usage, and invoice data reporting.

  • Security

    Hosted on fully redundant servers controlled by a secure service gateway.

  • Process heading

    Global two-way messaging, Automated emails, SMS alerts, shortcodes, emergency, and custom event and alerting capabilities.

  • Available for all Android and iOS mobile devices.

    SkyRouter allows any authorized user with an internet connection to access SkyRouter and manage their fleet from their smartphone or tablet.

    In the event of an alert, the SkyRouter App instantly shows you information about your assets in the field and to communicate to your team while out of the office.

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