Off-grid, Satellite Communications for Your Team

Small, lightweight, and low-cost, the ACR Bivy Stick will enable off-grid communications with your team. Pair with any smartphone with iOS/Android apps, or develop with the Bivy API.
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Made in the USA
ACR Emergency Beacons Proudly Manufactured in the State of Florida

The Future of Enterprise Grade Off-grid Communications

Lone Workers

Search & Rescue

Guiding Services

Outfitters & Hunting Parties

Wildfire Management

Humanitarian Relief & Disaster Recover

Simple, Lightweight 2-Way Satellite Messenger

The smallest, simplest satellite communication device in the world. Weighs just 100 g – about half the weight of your cell phone.
100% Global Satellite Coverage
GPS Location Tracking
3.35 Ounces

We Are Committed To Helping Our Partners Overcome Any Challenge And Attain Spectacular Results.

The Bivy Stick covers a range of solutions for any size business. Need to stay connected with the lone worker in the field? Does an entire team need to receive the same message no matter where they are? Is staying in touch with search a rescue a priority? How about weather reports or offline mapping? No matter the challenge, Bivy is the missing link your business needs when you can’t rely on cell coverage.


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Made In USA

Made In USALearn More

We Share Revenue

You scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours. Make money from more than just hardware sales. We are now offering shared revenue programs for each data plan.
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