ACR Electronics Announce Bivy MESH, the Next Generation of Satellite Communication

Fort Lauderdale, FL & Salt Lake City, UT, on March 9 2023 – ACR Electronics is excited to announce the upcoming release of the latest and improved Bivy Stick, set to take outdoor communication to a new level.

The Bivy Stick is a pioneer in the field of satellite messaging and was the first satellite communicator to enable group messaging for multiple devices beyond cellular connectivity with GroupTrack™. This breakthrough technology allows groups to stay connected and share their location, even in remote areas where there is no cell coverage.


While Satellite capable smartphones have recently been announced with the ability to send emergency SOS via satellite, they still do not offer the same level of durability and reliability as a dedicated satellite communication device like the Bivy Stick. The satellite SOS feature in smartphones is solely intended for emergency services and does not provide true two-way communication. Consequently, it cannot be employed to communicate with friends and family when outside cellular range. Additionally, the smartphone’s antenna necessitates pointing in the direction of a satellite, whereas the Bivy Stick’s antenna is more powerful and requires only sky visibility for sending and receiving messages.

The mesh networking technology integrated into the Bivy Stick is specifically designed to maintain uninterrupted communication, even in areas with limited or no satellite coverage and cellular connectivity. This feature enhances the safety and convenience of groups traveling in remote locations. Additionally, the upgraded version of the Bivy Stick boasts improved satellite and GPS performance, as well as an enhanced battery life, making it an even more reliable and suitable communication tool for solo adventurers.

Relying solely on a smartphone for emergencies in the great outdoors can be risky because of its inherent limitations. Smartphones are vulnerable to overheating in high temperatures, and battery life is a significant constraint. To avoid these issues, the Bivy Stick serves as the perfect backup plan. With a dedicated SOS button, Bivy Stick can alert global search and rescue teams without the need to rely on your smartphone.

Moreover, smartphones are not completely waterproof, and their fragility makes them vulnerable to damage, which can compromise their effectiveness in emergency situations. The Bivy Stick provides a reliable alternative with its customizable check-in button, which can be used independently of a smartphone to send a brief message with the user’s GPS location. By incorporating solutions like the Bivy 2-Way Satellite Communicator, you can stay connected and safe in emergency situations, even if your smartphone becomes unreliable.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release of the new Bivy Stick with LoRa® radio and Mesh networking capabilities. Get ready to explore the outdoors with confidence, knowing that you can stay connected with the Bivy Stick 2-Way Satellite Communicator.

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This device has not yet been authorized as required by the Rules of the FCC and does not comply with the requirements of RED (Radio Equipment Directive). This device is not, and may not be offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased until such authorization is obtained.

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