ACR Bivy and Aware360 Announce Collaboration to Keep Workers Safe


Fort Lauderdale, FL & Salt Lake City, UT, on January 10, 2023 – Bivy & ACR Electronics, Inc. are proud to announce a new collaboration with Aware360, a Canadian-based organization providing people-centric solutions that keep workers safer and more productive through real-time monitoring, communication, and response.

Aware360 is an industry-leading connected worker company that helps clients improve worker safety and empowers frontline workers to increase efficiency, while reducing costs. Its fully integrated solutions leverage apps and devices, like the Bivy Stick, to ensure people are seamlessly connected wherever they are.

Aware360 has established a key partnership with Bivy & ACR to expand upon their response capabilities for their network of 50,000+ workers. By integrating their SafetyAware solution to the Bivy Stick satellite device, they can continue to extend their service into non-cellular regions and ensure uninterrupted communication.

“Our customers prioritize the safety of their workers and are committed to providing tools to bridge distances between workers and their managers through digital innovation,” says Steve Matthews, CEO at Aware360. “Through this partnership we can provide near seamless connectivity between cellular and satellite networks to help ensure our customers’ employees are always connected and can get help if needed.”

“Whether employing the Bivy Stick device for recreational or professional use, the most important aspect is securing satellite communication when users are off-grid and without access to reliable cellular coverage,” says Vance Cook, ACR’s VP of 2 Way Satellite Communications.  

About ACR Electronics, Inc.

As a world leader in safety and survival technologies for over 65 years, ACR Electronics, Inc., designs and manufactures cutting-edge rescue beacons and survival equipment for the marine, outdoor, aviation and military markets. ACR Electronics marine and outdoor products are engineered to work in all conditions when needed the most.    

About Aware360 (https://aware360.com/)

Aware360 provides the technology and response network needed to keep lone and at-risk workers safer and more productive through a patented PeopleIoT™ connected worker ecosystem. With 400+ customers, and over 50,000 active users on their platform across the globe, the Aware360 suite of safety solutions leverages personal technology such as smartphones, wearables and satellite devices to protect workers through real-time monitoring, communication, and response.

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