The Most Trusted Satellite Communicator

Two-way & Group Messaging, GPS Tracking, Location Sharing, and SOS Global Rescue

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Stay connected with the ACR Bivy Stick. With 2-way satellite messaging, communicate with loved ones and emergency services beyond cellular coverage. Connect to smartphone via Bluetooth or use as standalone device. Benefit from dedicated SMS mobile number.
  • 100% Global Satellite Coverage

    Send and receive satellite text messages with your phone. Free check-in messages with GPS location shares.

  • Keep Your Crew Connected with GroupTrack™

    The first satellite messenger with off-grid group messaging and location shares.

  • Communicate With Emergency Services

    Get rescued anywhere in the world with 365/24/7 SOS monitoring provided by Global Rescue.

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  • Best bang for the buck, in my humble opinion (and wife loves it - BONUS!)

  • Worked well for bikepacking in Eastern Oregon!

  • Must have for sailors! I highly recommend this product!

  • For off grid researchers and hikers that want to explore the unknown this is a must have!

    • 100% Global Satellite Coverage

      Two-way SMS text messaging, GPS tracking, maps & navigation, & Weather Reports

    • Dedicated Phone Number & Email

      Give your loved ones peace of mind knowing they can always reach you

    • Easy Check-In Messages and GPS Location Sharing

      Send unlimited & customizable check-in messages that include your GPS location with this advanced outdoor communication device

    • Least Cost Routing & App-to-App Messaging

      Benefit from least-cost routing with priority given to Wi-Fi, followed by cellular, and then satellite. Effortlessly connect with others using app-to-app messaging

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    Group Messaging 

    & Tracking

    Group messaging and location sharing for up to 12 people

    Monitor your team off-grid using the Bivy Stick and app or in-network via a web browser

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    Adventure Routes, Navigation, & Offline Maps

    The Bivy app offers over 50,000 adventures to explore, with 20 different adventure types available

    GPS Tracking

    Easily navigate and track your location off the grid using device-based GPS with this satellite messenger. Monitor your pace, mileage, altitude, and more on your journey

    Offline Maps

    Download detailed maps from around the world to ensure you’re never lost, even without cellular service


    No matter where your journey takes you, the ACR Bivy Stick’s SOS feature has your back

    On-Device SOS Button

    The SOS button sends GPS coordinates to emergency services for prompt search and rescue, even without your phone

    In-App SOS Activation

    Trigger an SOS alert straight from the Bivy app and establish two-way communication with local rescue authorities instantly

    Global Rescue

    Our partnership with Global Rescue provides 24/7 access to world-class emergency assistance, focusing on swift SOS response and dependable rescue services for your safety in any situation

    I am safe the SAR team got to me and then it was all helping them help me. My wife said you guys were great. THANK YOU!! 

    The rescue of David W.

    Near Lake West, California,
    Sunday, May 16th 2021

    Now Made In The USA

    The ACR Bivy Stick is the only satellite messenger made in the USA, ensuring reliability through strict quality control during the entire manufacturing process.
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    Flexible Bivy Stick Plans for Every Adventurer

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    Monthly Plan
    Annual Plan
    Terms Apply*

    20 Credits

    Dedicated Phone Number & Email
    Includes Tri-Network Coverage
    Satellite, Cell, or Wifi
    Unlimited Check-In Messages
    Customizable preset messages with GPS coordinates
    Emergency SOS
    24/7 monitoring provided by Global Rescue
    Roll-Over Credits
    Unused credits add up each month


    Monthly Plan
    Annual Plan
    Terms Apply*

    80 Credits

    Dedicated Phone Number & Email
    Includes Tri-Network Coverage
    Satellite, Cell, or Wifi
    Unlimited Check-In Messages
    Customizable preset messages with GPS coordinates
    Emergency SOS
    24/7 monitoring provided by Global Rescue
    Roll-Over Credits
    Unused credits add up each month


    Monthly Plan
    Annual Plan
    Terms Apply*

    Unlimited Credits

    Everything in the Plus plan, and:
    Unlimited Group Messages and Location Updates with Bivy Stick’s Exclusive GroupTrack™ Feature​​
    View Live Location Updates and Group Messages from Multiple Bivy Sticks in the Backcountry​​
    Seamless Integration with Tri-Network Coverage via the Bivy App, or Web & Mobile Browser​​


    Most frequent questions and answers
    • Do I get to keep my unused credits each month?

      YES! Any unused credits will roll over as long as you continue the monthly plan.

    • What happens to my credits when I cancel?

      If you cancel the plan, you will lose any unused credits. The phone number assigned to the device will be discontinued.

      Start up the plan again, you will be assigned a new phone number and startover with monthly credits.

    • If I press the SOS button is it covered in the monthly fee?

      24/7 SOS monitoring is covered. When you press the SOS button Global Rescue will dispatch the appropriate Search and Rescue based on your location. Additional insurance is available to purchase through Global Rescue to help cover any costs that may be incurred in a rescue.

    • How do I purchase the plan?

      It’s all done in the Bivy App and only takes a few minutes.

      Watch Tutorial

    Bivy Stick Above the Rest 

    Other brands

    Unlimited Preset Check-in messages with GPS Coordinates


    Credits Roll-over and accumulate each month

    Dedicated Phone Number

    SMS Text & Email sent from a number assigned at activation

    Thousands of searchable trails in the Bivy app

    An app built for Adventures AND Messaging

    Record your tracks, add pictures, and your own profile with stats

    No Hassle Cancellation

    Compatible with all GoPro mounts

    True value for your money


    1 Year
    Good luck

    SOS Responding Service




    Waterproof Protection

    IP X7


    4.47” (L) x 1.85” (W) x 0.83” (D)


    3.35 oz

    Battery Size

    Up to 120 hrs with standard operation at default setting 

    1400 mAh



    Bluetooth® 4

    BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy)

    Shock proof

    MIL-STD-810 certified

    Included Accessories

    USB-C Charging Cable, Carabiner, Cord, and ¼-20 Mount Adaptor

    Optional Accessories

    • 48 Piece Mounting Kit
    • Quick Release Mounting Buckle
    • Suction Cup Mount
    • Bivy Clamp
    • 15W Solar Panel
    • Bike Handlebar Mount