Say Goodbye to Expensive Satellite Phones: Choose the Affordable and Reliable Bivy Stick

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for a reliable way to stay connected in remote areas? If you want off the grid 2-way communications, you don’t have to settle for an expensive and fragile Satellite Phone anymore.

Learn how some new rugged and affordable messaging devices, like the Bivy Stick from ACR Electronics can do more than just keep you in contact you’re your home base.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose the Bivy Stick Satellite Communicator over a satellite phone:

1. Cost-effective 💰
Save money with the Bivy Stick, which is more affordable than satellite phones in terms of both initial cost for the hardware and ongoing data/service fees.  Satellite phone plans will typically range from $80 to $550 for airtime plans with huge overages around $1.50 per minute.  We are all more efficient communicating via text, so why pay the huge fees associate with adding voice calls when you can pay a fraction of that for SMS only and get additional features like tracking, check-ins, weather, SOS, that you don’t from your Satellite phone.

2. A Product You Will Use Often 💬
Most Satellite phone owners will only turn their Sat phone on for a few hours per day to conserve on battery life and data usage.  This makes communication extremely more difficult when your expensive new sat phone isn’t even turned on.  The Bivy can be left on for most trips as it uses small packets of data and has an energy efficient battery system allowing for days of communications.

3. Easy to Use and Manage 🤳
The Bivy Stick is a compact and user-friendly satellite messenger that can be easily operated with your smartphone, no special training required.  Activate and deactivate your data plan from the app in less than a minute and set up tracking intervals, check-in messages, group chats, or log a new adventure.

4. Size and Weight 🎒
The lightweight and compact Bivy Stick easily fits in your pocket or backpack, unlike bulky satellite phones.  In the outdoor, the elements can be very harsh on electronics.  Satellite phones are more fragile than your existing smartphone, weight more, and require care when handling and storing.  They simply aren’t designed for everyday use in the outdoor world like a Bivy Stick.

5. Reliability 🛰 🆘
The Bivy Stick uses a combination of satellite and cellular networks to provide reliable connectivity in remote areas, making it a more dependable option than satellite phones that can be affected by weather conditions.  Bivy also comes with an easy push button check-in button on the device as well as an SOS button allowing for use even without your smartphone.

Let’s face it, we all text and email far more than we pick up the phone and call someone, so the idea of paying more for a larger phone with more expensive airtime just doesn’t fit most of our lifestyles anymore. The Bivy Stick from ACR Electronics offers you a more rugged and compact solution with more affordable and flexible monthly plans, all while keeping you connected and safe.  Stay connected on your next outdoor adventure with the Bivy Stick!

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