RV Road Trip Safety with the Bivy Stick

As more families hit the road in 2021 instead of flying, road trip safety and planning are key, especially if you have an RV rental, or are thinking of buying an RV. Here are some safety tips to keep you and your family safe while adventuring in a Recreational Vehicle this fall.

  1. Practice driving, especially backing up and wide turns. If you are a beginner, this is a must, if you are an experienced driver, practice after a long layover will make you safer on the road. Find an empty parking lot, drop a couple cones or markers, and practice your wide turns ensuring that you pull out farther into the intersection before starting your turn to maneuver between the cones. Parking lots can be very intimidating in your new big rig, so practice parking between the lines to make sure you do not clip the car in the next spot. Lastly, practice backing up, get a spotter out there to help you, go slow, and get comfortable heading in reverse. For RV Rentals or new RV trader or purchases, make sure to get a little extra insurance just in case.
  2. Take it slow, after all, you are in an RV, what’s the rush, especially in nasty weather. Rain and high winds can make driving an RV dangerous, so keep a close eye on the weather, budget extra time for delays, and don’t be afraid to simply pull over somewhere safe and wait for the storm to pass.
Person hiking with BivyStick
  1. Bring along a Bivy Stick. The beauty of an RV is you can travel to some of the most remote and beautiful areas of the country, many of which do not have any cell service. A Bivy Stick provides you with a communication option to send SMS (text) messages, share you location, track your trip, send instant check in messages all while out of cell phone range. Bivy can also alert Search and Rescue that you need help with the dedicated SOS button to provide that 24/7 safety net for your next RV trip. Its great peace of mind for you and your family to know that help is just a button away. Its also great so the wife and kids and connect and send their besties a quick text message update to help with any internet withdrawals they might be having. Bivy has the most flexible subscription contracts that do not charge you activation fees every time you pause your subscription because you aren’t using the bivy. Learn more at www.bivy.com
  2. User your Turn Signal or Blinker. Do we really need to expand on this? You are driving a vehicle twice the size that you are use too and you are likely traveling slower than the other vehicles around you. So be careful of cars whipping around you to pass you and use your turn signal well in advance to let others know where you are heading.
  3. You are driving a lot more weight, your RV that is. Your RV will accelerate slower and will also cover more ground when coming to a full stop than your car or truck. It is always recommended to add 20 percent to everything you do while driving your RV, so provide 20% more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you so you have enough room to stop.
  4. You are taller than you think! One of the most common RV accidents is hitting bridges and overhangs, so in order not to get wedged into the fast-food drive-through, know the height of your RV, add a note to your windshield to remind you, and the co-pilot of your height, and use extra caution anytime you drive under an overhang.
  5. Be adventurous but know your limits. Just because you have successfully maneuvered your RV rental from Chicago to Oregon, doesn’t mean that you have the experience to climb Mount Hood. Get outside, roam freely, but know your own limits of what you can and cannot do to ensure you do not put yourself, your friends and family, and search and rescue personnel at risk should you try to adventure a little too hard.

Have a fun and SAFE trip in your RV this summer!

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