Hunting with Bivy Stick by your Side

There are a lot of reasons we may need help in the back country hunting. Slipping on a damp log and rolling an ankle, falling during a stream crossing, and getting hypothermia, even medical reasons like a heart attack happen every hunting season. As much of the U.S. hunting population is getting older, having a plan for communicating when outside of cell service should be a topic every hunter considers this season.

These conditions require getting an emergency distress signal out, or a text message to a friend nearby for help is imperative. Whether you are hunting on public land, or on your own private property, accidents in the backwoods requires immediate assistance and can become life-threatening in the matter of minutes. The Bivy Stick, from ACR Electronics, provides hunters with satellite connectivity without the need for expensive satellite phones and rigid subscriptions. This simple 2 way messaging device allows you to send text messages that include your GPS location, send check-in messages, track your trip and mark way points (i.e., where you shot that 9 point buck last season), download maps on your phone, and even has a dedicated SOS button to help get you rescued. Bivy turns your cell phone into a dedicated satellite messaging and emergency tool when you don’t have cellular signal. If something happens to your phone, the Bivy has a dedicated Check-in button, as well as an SOS button to summon a rescue team.

Father and Son hunting for deer with a bivystick to track their location

So, are you the kind of hunter that simple says “it will never happen to me,” and then leaves your friends and family on a needle in a hay stack search to find you, or do you have enough experience and wisdom to realize you just aren’t as invincible as you used to be? Let Bivy Stick provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind of knowing you have an emergency lifeline no matter where you are. Experience hunting in a new way with GPS waypoints, tracking your hunting group, quietly sending SMS updates and asking for help once you get that trophy deer.

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