Bivystick-Turn your phone into the best backcountry safety device.

I love the feeling of watching the LTE bars drop away as I pull into a canyon or get further away from a paved road. It is that feeling of letting go. Knowing that no text message will stop your train of thought, that you have no need to obsessively check your phone for updates, notifications or messages. It is that feeling of being able to be completely focused on what you’re doing.  This is the joy of getting off the grid. We all need it. Some more than others. It is important to our sanity.

But even though my phone is not connected when I get way out, I still carry it with me. To take photos, look at downloaded maps, to listen to calming music at night when my tent mate is scaring all the wildlife way with outrageous snoring.  And whatever else this pocket-sized supercomputer can do.  That is why we want to make it a useful tool for backcountry safety and convenience.


Introducing the Bivystick. Your ultimate tool to keep you safe. Bivystick connects via Bluetooth to your every day, old reliable, familiar, cell phone and turns it into a satellite communication tool. And we do it with a flexible, pay as go, data plan. There is no committing to a huge monthly or annual plan that drains your adventure fund even when you are not adventuring. With the Bivystick and Bivy App, you have the ultimate planning and tracking tool for any adventure all on your phone. Check out all that it can do.

  1. Two-way satellite messaging – Bivystick allows you to send and receive text messages from anywhere in the world. All you need is a clear view of the sky. Send text messages to anyone. Whether you are the type that needs to check in with a spouse, parent, child, loved one or a demanding boss. You now have the ability to keep others informed of your status and hear from them as well to ensure everything is okay.
  2. Share your location– Ever had plans to meet up with someone in the backcountry and you never found them? Or you wanted to tell a friend the exact location of a secret fishing spot. Now you share your location in real time. Let people know where you are and when. You can share your location with the masses by posting your status and location to Facebook and Twitter.
  3.  Detailed topographic maps and tracking– Download in advance, maps of the area where you are headed. You will be able to see your location and also leave waypoints so you know where you’ve been and how to get back.  Maps are an essential part of navigation. And we would never want you to blindly follow direction without knowing whats around you. You will have access to download maps from all over the world. With all of this easily accessible on your phone, It eliminates the need to carry a separate GPS device.
  4. Backup Battery – Bivystick comes with a 5200 mAh backup battery to keep your phone charged. Since you need your phone to use the Bivystick, We don’t want to leave you hanging. So plug your phone into the Bivystick and stay charged up. We have planned enough power to keep you charged for an entire weekend adventure. If you are going to be out longer, Bivystick can be recharged via USB from any power source, solar panel, car, whatever you have available.
  5. Weather Forecast– Stay in the know with up to date detailed weather forecasts for your location. You can use the satellite network to pull down detailed forecasts up to 7 days out. Don’t get caught in a storm without a jacket. Be able to plan, stay safe and confident when you head out for the day.
  6. Bivy App Database – Bivy App has the largest database of outdoor adventures. You can find trails, climbing routes, waterways, anywhere in the country. With 45,000+ adventures, There is always something new to explore.

Bivystick will be the ultimate tool for your backcountry kit. Sometimes we need to keep people in the know and other times we just want to have the ability to do something in case of emergency. Whatever your style is, Bivystick is affordable, flexible and necessary for every backcountry user and helps keep you safe and found.

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