ACR Bivy Stick Proves Vital to this Survivor’s Cautionary Tale

ACR Bivy Stick Satellite Communication Device Proves Vital to this Survivor’s Cautionary Tale

Fort Lauderdale, FL on August 26, 2021 – On May 16th, what was planned to be a fun weekend hike turned into anything but that.  Thanks to the 2 Way Iridium Satellite Communications of the Bivy Stick from ACR Electronics with SOS provided by Global Rescue, David Woolsey lived to tell his story of what can go wrong in the backcountry.

The climb to West Lake was harder than David expected. Despite a decent night’s sleep, a solid hot breakfast and decent morning weather, he started losing the mental game that backpacking demands we play. The elevation was affecting his breathing and tiring him out. His pack felt heavier than it should, he lost his appetite and didn’t force new calories in to replace the ones he spent. David was drinking water, but not enough. The snow drifts he encountered were deeper and softer than he cared for. But he was getting closer to his destination, so he pushed ahead. 

David was tired, dehydrated, nauseous, short of breath, calorie deficient, and not thinking clearly. He had about a quarter of a liter of water and plenty of food on his back but lacked the will to eat it. Having a soaking wet tent on his back but lacking the will to stop and set it up, all he could think of was “I need to get off this mountain. I do not want to spend another night on this mountain.” The feedback loop had started. The seed of doubt was growing.

That’s why Bivy Stick is worth having – in expected situations, it keeps you connected and provides you and loved ones with valuable peace of mind, but in unexpected situations, it could be a life saver. With that in mind, David decided to push the SOS button and ask for help.

With the two-way text communication feature David was able to do two important things. First, he was able to alert his wife to the predicament. Second, he could let Global Rescue know exactly what his situation was, so they could arrange the best assistance. In David’s case, help came swiftly, more swiftly than he expected. Search and Rescue knew he was conscious, breathing, uninjured and not in imminent life-threatening danger. In short, they gave David confidence and helped him walk off the mountain on his own two feet. 

David’s complete cautionary tale can be read here

The new ACR Bivy Stick offers adventurers an innovative and affordable option for sending SMS messages, tracking and sharing location information, accessing GPS maps, viewing live weather forecasts and initiating a distress call in an emergency. Providing a convenient, subscription-based solution, the easy-to-use ACR device weighs just 100g and works with a user’s smartphone, offering an efficient way to communicate and keep loved ones updated when out of cellular service zones.

Designed to provide the full range of benefits when paired with a smartphone, it also includes a dedicated check-in button for updating friends and family with a preset message at a specific location. There is also an SOS button to contact rescue services in an emergency, with SOS communication also available through the app. 

The ACR Bivy Stick offers a more flexible pricing structure than similar products, allowing users to pay for only the months they use the device, with no annual contract or activation fee required. The easiest option is an unlimited fee of $49.99 per month. There are also two different Credit plans: 20 Credits for $18 per month or 100 Credits for $40 per month. The Credits do not expire, so they can be saved for times of high outdoor activity. One Credit is the equivalent to one SMS message, one tracking interval, one location request, or one basic weather report, while SOS and preset messages are unlimited.

The ACR Bivy Stick is available for a retail price of $349.95.

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